Looking for a home-based early childhood education in Queensland?

Enhance is Queensland’s leading family day care (FDC) and in home child care (IHC) provider, offering a variety of care including child care, out of school hours care, vacation care and more.

What is Family Day Care?

Each day is unique

Family day care is home-based early childhood education and care.

Family day care is exceptional education and care provided by a qualified educator in their own home.

Family Day Care provides a nurturing home-based alternative to long day care or child care centers, ensuring your child receives personalised care tailored to their specific needs and development.

Government subsidies available
Individualised learning programs
Qualified Educators regulated by Enhance
Ongoing administration and professional support
Local to your community
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What is In Home Care?

Flexible early childhood education and care in your own home. In home care is designed for families who are unable to access other approved types of care.
Eligibility criteria apply.

Child care is provided within your own home
Learning programs are educational and personalised
Government subsidies are available, including Child Care Subsidy (CCS)
Educators provide care for one family at a time
Families choose which Educator to connect with

Hear from our
satisfied families

Find out why so many Queensland families are choosing home-based care with Enhance.

Emily, Townsville

In home care gives me peace of mind knowing that my daughter is cared for when I’m on night or weekend shifts.

Felicity, Warwick

I love home-based care for my children! Knowing my two little ones spend their whole day together with their dedicated Educator, Denise, puts my mind at ease.

Vanessa, Ingham

Living rurally, we don’t have traditional childcare available. In home care gives my children access to personalised early learning, in the comfort of my own home.

Rebecca, Bundaberg

Before making the switch to family day care with Enhance, my son never had a consistent Educator. Now, he has formed a deep and meaningful bond with Lucy. I wish I made the change sooner!

David, Rockhampton

In home care has been a blessing for my family. My daughter has disabilities and Enhance In Home Child Care has allowed her to learn and grow at her own pace, with her devoted Educator.

Sean, Gladstone

Home-based childcare was much cheaper than I expected, especially with the government subsidy.

Karlie, Brisbane

More people need to know about home-based childcare! It really is the best environment for children to develop and the support from our Educator and Enhance is unparalleled.

Holly, Ipswich

After six years with Anita, she has become a member of our family! She goes above and beyond for my youngest and still provides OSHC and vacation care for my preschooler.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the typical cost of home based child care?

Home based care, including Family Day Care (FDC) and In Home Care (IHC) costs can vary based on factors such as location, number of hours needed, and specific services provided. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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What do the fees include?

Some of our Enhance Educators may charge additional fees for nappies and meals or include them in their fees, however, it is best to check with the Enhance Service to find out exactly what the Educators in your area provide.

Is home based care eligible for CCS?

Child Care Subsidy is available for families to reduce the cost of care. Family day care can offer families minimum hours, meaning you can better optimise your allocated Government subsidies.

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How is home based early childhood education and care regulated?

Home-based early childhood education and care is regulated through various national and state/territory bodies and frameworks. Family day care is regulated by the National Quality Framework (NQF), while In-Home Care (IHC) service and educator requirements are outlined in the In Home Care National Guidelines. Additionally, each individual educator in both FDC and IHC receive guidance and support from service providers like Enhance to ensure quality care and compliance with regulatory standards.

What learning programs are used in home based early childhood education and care?

Educators guide the educational learning programs within their service based on their personal philosophy, our Enhance philosophy, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Framework for School Aged Care in Australia (MTOP).

What qualifications do educators hold?

New Family Day Care Educators engaged from 1 July 2023 onwards are required to hold an approved qualification (at least a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education). Existing Family Day Care Educators who were actively studying towards an approved qualification and engaged with a FDC service as at 31st June 2023 may transfer to another service provided all requirements are met, they continue to be actively studying an approved qualification and complete this no later than 1 July 2024.

IHC Educators are required to be 18 years of age, hold a Minimum Certificate III in Early Childhood, working towards or willing to complete a qualification with a primary focus in early learning, hold a current First Aid Certificate and a Working with Children Check (or willing to apply).

Where do you operate?

Enhance services metropolitan, regional, remote and rural areas throughout Queensland.

How do I find a reliable and trustworthy in home child care provider?

Research reputable in home child care agencies or networks in your area. Look for providers who are licensed, have a good reputation, and conduct thorough background checks and screening processes for their caregivers.  At Enhance, we are committed to providing exceptional care and nurturing environments for children. With our extensive network of dedicated educators and over 40 years of experience, we strive to match families with qualified professionals who align with their specific needs and values. Our transparent policies further demonstrate our commitment to maintaining quality standards. All Enhance educators undergo rigorous background checks, screening processes, and training to ensure they meet our high standards. Read more about Enhance

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