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Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of children? Are you looking for an opportunity to run your own business while being a part of a supportive community? Look no further! Join Enhance and embark on an exciting journey as an educator.

Start your own Family Day Care

The benefits of running your very own family day care service are endless!

Flexibility: As an FDC educator, you have the flexibility to set your own hours and create a schedule that works best for you and your family.
Independence: Running your own FDC allows you to be your own boss and have control over your business operations and decisions.
Nurturing Environment: FDC provides a warm and nurturing home-based environment for children, allowing them to feel safe, comfortable, and supported. With smaller group sizes, you can provide personalised attention, tailored learning experiences, and individualised care for each child.
Income Potential: Running an FDC provides you with the opportunity to generate income based on the number of children in your care.
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Become an In-Home Educator

Work to support an individual family and make a lasting impact in the lives of Queensland children.

Flexibility: As an in-home educator, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and create a work-life balance that suits your needs.
Meaningful Relationships: As an in-home educator, you have the opportunity to build strong, meaningful relationships with the children in your care and their families.
Cost Savings: Being an in-home educator typically requires lower investments compared to opening a FDC. This makes it a more accessible option for individuals looking to enter the child care industry.
Control over Pricing: As an in-home educator, you have control over setting your own pricing structure based on market demand, local competition, and the value you provide. This allows you to align your fees with the quality care and personalised services you offer.

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Become an In-Home Care Educator

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Are you considering becoming a Family Day Care (FDC) educator but don't know where to begin?
Don't worry, you're not alone! We understand that starting a new venture can be overwhelming, which is why we're here to guide and support you every step of the way! Join our FREE webinar designed to give you practical tips that will set you on the path to success. During the webinar, our friendly and knowledgeable team will:

Cover all the essential steps required to become a registered FDC educator
Share success stories from our community
Answer any questions you may have and provide valuable insights from experienced professionals in the field.

Why Enhance?

At Enhance, we are committed to creating an environment where educators feel supported, empowered and valued. By providing access to comprehensive resources and fostering a thriving community, we ensure that you have the tools and connections necessary to thrive in your role.

Ongoing administration and business support
No set up fees or hidden costs
Support to fill your enrolments from our waiting list
Free self-paced professional development and training
Recorded support sessions to listen to when you choose
Online and in-person networking with other Enhance Educators
Face-to-face mentoring visits from our team
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What is the next step?

The Enhance team will help you every step of the way!

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Frequently asked questions

Have some questions about becoming a Family Day Care Educator? Find everything you need to know below!

How do I get paid?

The Enhance administration team will assist you with your income, which consists of processing Child Care Subsidy and parent gap fees, which are paid directly to you by your families. Our finance team arranges pays for educators weekly.

How much can I earn?

Enhance home-based Educators earn approximately $80k per year, depending on the hours provided and the number of children in care. Your annual salary is determined by you; you set your own hours, fees and control how much you earn.

How will I fill my family day care vacancies?

At Enhance Family Day Care, we have families waiting for vacancies to open up across Queensland.

We will help you to fill your vacancies from our current waiting list, by providing you with marketing resources to assist you in recruiting families and by advertising your vacancies via our Find an Educator Near You webpage. If you’d prefer, you can fill your vacancies yourself from your local community.

What happens if I need time off?

If you need time off for a holiday, personal leave, sick leave or if you simply need a break, Enhance will work in partnership with you and your families to temporarily place your children with other local Educators under a casual booking.

Who will support me professionally?

You will have an Enhance Practice Mentor who will visit regularly to support you in your role, offer guidance and be available to answer questions. In addition, you will have access to our administration staff who can assist you when required.

We also encourage and provide professional development opportunities, to connect in with other local Educators and invite you to participate in child-focused community events.

How do I apply?

Fill out the contact form on this page to get started on your application! If you’d like further support, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

After applying, how long until I can start?

Your start time is guided by you, your qualifications and in the case of family day care, it is also dependent on your current home learning environment and enrolments. Our team will support and guide you with every step of the way in becoming an Enhance home-based Educator. For more specific information, contact us.

How many children can I care for in my family day care service?

Family Day Care educators can care for up to four children under school age, as well as three additional school aged children to a total of seven children at any one time. You might be interested in caring for school aged children only, still with a total of seven children at any one time. In family day care, these numbers include your own children under the age of thirteen, unless there is another adult available to care for them.

Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to work?

We prioritise the health and safety of all educators and families. You do not need to be vaccinated to work with us as an Educator, but you will need to disclose your vaccination status to us and to the families in your care.

Do I need any qualifications to start?

Yes. Family Day Care educators must hold a minimum of a Certificate III in Children Services or Early Childhood, or be actively working towards. In addition, all Educators must hold a current First Aid, Asthma, Anaphylaxis and CPR qualification, Blue Card/Working with Children Check and Police Check.

I hold a Certificate III, will I need to study further?

No. You are welcome to complete further study, however this is not a requirement. We will support you in your ongoing professional development!

Do I need to own my own home to run family day care?

No, but you will be required to obtain written permission from your landlord to operate with us.

Do I need a new house to run family day care?

No, many of our Educators operate from established homes. If you’d like more information about the specific environment requirements, please reach out to us.

Can I have pets in my family day care home?

Yes! We know pets are a part of your family, however, there are some safety requirements around sharing space and supervision. For more information, get in touch with us.

Can I have a pool in my family day care home?

Yes! You will be required to have a pool safety certificate and the pool cannot be used by the family day care children in your care.

Hear from our home-based educators

Making a difference in the lives of Queensland children.

Family day care is incredibly rewarding!

I love knowing that I am providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for children in my rural community.

Kirsty, Emerald

I really appreciate the online training.

I really appreciate that the online training modules are self-paced. It makes professional development convenient, flexible and adaptable to the routine of my family and my own children.

Louise, Townsville

Sharyn was so amazingly helpful.

I was a little nervous about the accounting side of things, having never run my own business before. After my first phone call with Sharyn from the admin team, my mind was put to ease. Sharyn was so amazingly helpful and such an expert in her role!

Laura, Mackay

I enjoy working for Enhance as it gives me flexibility.

I enjoy working for Enhance as it gives me flexibility to work around my other interests, including caring for my own family and looking after my grandbabies!

Kate, Brisbane

I absolutely love that I can support children.

I absolutely love that I can support children with disabilities and give them the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Hanna, Toowoomba

I love that I can have an impact on the lives of these children.

Providing in home care to children in regional and rural communities is truly a gift. I love that I can have an impact on the lives of these children with the help from Enhance.

Kimberley, Ingham

I absolutely love being a family day care Educator!

I absolutely love being a family day care Educator! With the help of Enhance Family Day Care, the onboarding process to make my dream come true of opening my own FDC service was very straight forward and done step by step with my Practice Mentor.

Tegan, Emerald

The team at Enhance In Home Child Care is amazing.

The team at Enhance In Home Child Care is amazing. I am forever grateful for their service.

Lizzie, Kingaroy