Empowering home-based Educators

At Enhance, we are committed to creating an environment where educators feel supported, empowered and valued. By providing access to comprehensive resources and fostering a thriving community, we ensure that you have the tools and connections necessary to thrive in your role.

Comprehensive Resources

Gain access to a wide array of comprehensive resources carefully curated to enhance your teaching and promote engaging learning experiences. From educational materials and lesson plans to curriculum support and policy templates, our resources are designed to inspire and enrich your educational programs, as well as provide you with clear guidance and support in running your business efficiently.

Get a sneak peek of what we offer by downloading our Roadmap to Success, or join our Webinar to have your questions answered.

Thriving Community of Educators

Connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas with fellow educators through regular meetings, workshops, Facebook group and the online community. Our supportive community ensures that you never feel isolated, offering a platform for shared experiences and collective growth.

Administrative Support

We understand that administrative tasks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That's why we provide comprehensive administrative support, assisting you with documentation, compliance and billing. This allows you to focus on what you do best—providing exceptional care and education to children.

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Continuous Professional Development

We believe in the power of lifelong learning. Enhance offers ongoing professional development opportunities, including specialised training sessions, regular industry updates and online workshops.
Furthermore, as a proud member of Family Day Care Queensland, our educators enjoy access to an abundance of valuable resources, a supportive community and discounted training opportunities, making it even easier for you to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills.

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Experience the Enhance difference!

Work from home with the flexibility to suit your family and ongoing professional and administration support.

Hear from our home-based educators

Making a difference in the lives of Queensland children.

Family day care is incredibly rewarding!

I love knowing that I am providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for children in my rural community.

Kirsty, Emerald

I really appreciate the online training.

I really appreciate that the online training modules are self-paced. It makes professional development convenient, flexible and adaptable to the routine of my family and my own children.

Louise, Townsville

Sharyn was so amazingly helpful.

I was a little nervous about the accounting side of things, having never run my own business before. After my first phone call with Sharyn from the admin team, my mind was put to ease. Sharyn was so amazingly helpful and such an expert in her role!

Laura, Mackay

I enjoy working for Enhance as it gives me flexibility.

I enjoy working for Enhance as it gives me flexibility to work around my other interests, including caring for my own family and looking after my grandbabies!

Kate, Brisbane

I absolutely love that I can support children.

I absolutely love that I can support children with disabilities and give them the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Hanna, Toowoomba

I love that I can have an impact on the lives of these children.

Providing in home care to children in regional and rural communities is truly a gift. I love that I can have an impact on the lives of these children with the help from Enhance.

Kimberley, Ingham

I absolutely love being a family day care Educator!

I absolutely love being a family day care Educator! With the help of Enhance Family Day Care, the onboarding process to make my dream come true of opening my own FDC service was very straight forward and done step by step with my Practice Mentor.

Tegan, Emerald

The team at Enhance In Home Child Care is amazing.

The team at Enhance In Home Child Care is amazing. I am forever grateful for their service.

Lizzie, Kingaroy